Rigid-frame steel buildings are among the strongest and most resilient metal building products Wasea manufactures. Each custom designed and engineered to meet CSA A660 Standards and the National Building Code of Canada, rigid-frame steel buildings are the perfect solution to meet your intended metal building requirements. Whether you wish to protect equipment or deploy a site-friendly building solution, Wasea has the products and services to meet your unique dimensional requirements.

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Durable, versatile and completely custom designed to fill a variety of industrial applications, self-framing gable buildings are commonly utilized in many industrial, commercial and oilfield applications. Whether you intend to securely house oil-well equipment or simply protect on-site compressor units, Wasea has a custom metal buildings solution for your requirements.

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Simple, small and reliable, Wasea’s self-framing shed buildings are a great addition to your company’s metal building repertoire. Although smaller in nature, shed buildings are built to withstand even the harshest of environmental conditions. Whether you require one or a dozen, Wasea has the manufacturing solution to meet your needs.

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Wasea’s specialty products are comprised of completely custom metal design and fabrication efforts. We feature services like welding, forming, rolling, cutting and shearing in our metal fabrication division. Specialty products like metal cabinets, custom consoles, belt guards, metal skids and mild steel ducts and fittings are among some of the previous work Wasea has fabricated and shipped through its doors.

Why choose Wasea for Specialty Products?

Our clients choose Wasea for our dedicated service, our top-quality products and processes, and our years of industry experience.

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For clients with projects that require specific code and standardized building processes, Wasea has the ability to offer full engineering support. Due to the custom capabilities and shear size of our manufactured products, on-hand engineering allows Wasea to produce top-quality, every time.
Our projects, small and large, require professional and efficient drawing support in order for work to be completed exactly to customer specification. Wasea provides in-house Auto-CAD and drafting services to ensure our fabrication, welding and quality control efforts achieve the best possible products, every time.
Light steel and metal fabrication is a valuable service provided by Wasea. Our expertise and equipment allow Wasea to fabricate custom specialty products and metal building accessories that require forming, shearing, bending, cutting, welding and even painting!
Welding is a vital service for manufacturing top-quality metal buildings and specialty products. Wasea is CWB 47.1 certified and compliant with all applicable welding standards and codes. Our skilled welders and shop-staff receive proper equipment and safety protection to ensure your project is built safely and securely, because that’s “The Wasea Way”..
We understand that producing top-quality products ensures satisfied clients, and that is why Wasea is completely dedicated to Quality Control methods and delivering the very best in products and services. As the  first metal buildings manufacturer to have a certified Quality Assurance program in Western Canada, Wasea has gained years of insight and procedural knowledge that ensure our client’s project meet vigorous quality standards, as outline in our detailed QMI program.

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Field Services includes, but is not limited to the construction, assembly and erection of Wasea’s custom metal buildings. We provide professionally certified field employees that are full capable of ensuring your project is put together with Wasea’s high standards, every time. By using mobile cranes, JLG’s, forklifts, and other industrial machinery, Wasea has all the necessary field services to get your project built “The Wasea Way”.
Wasea has the ability to ship its products and services to both local and global markets. Whether we use Wasea’s internal fleet or a common carrier, Wasea has the experience to ensure your product arrives safe and secure, wherever the destination may be. Contact Wasea today to learn more about our shipping capabilities.